Self Service Printing & Scanning

Almost all the labs are equipped with Black & White printers (printer name=room number). A color printer and three scanners are staitioned in room 4351. 
All printers are set to duplex (double-sided printing) by default.  
B & W printers - stapling/hole punching is available  via the options on the print menu.

B & W:  $0.07 per page (single-sided)
B & W:  $0.06 per side (double-sided)
Color:  $0.37 per page (single-sided)
Color:  $0.35 per side (double-sided)

Printing charges for a given quarter will be posted on your BruinBill account during the quarter break. 

The following qualifies for a refund: faint print out, smudges, crinkled or torn paper, & paper jams. 
Visit our Help Desk in room 4351 to request a refund.

Three self service, no charge, scanners are in room 4351.  Two flat bed scanners, and one scanner with a feeder and double sided scanning.