Lost & Found is located in room 4351.

If you are a UCLA student enrolled in an undergraduate science course, then you already have an account on our server.  Our user database is updated daily with current files from the registrar.  Anyone who has paid the Instructional Enhancement fee on a  course in the Life or Physical Sciences is automatically included. See our help Desk in room 4351 if you can not login.
What is my login ID?
 Login ID's are your Bruin Online (BOL) ID. You must register for a BOL ID if you have not already. Go to this link www.bol.ucla.edu and follow the instructions. All you need is  your UCLA Student ID and it takes only minutes to complete. Do not wait until the last  minute to enroll because it may take up to 3 days for the information to process to our  server.

What is my password?
 Your default password is your nine-digit UID number. 
Can I change my password?
 You may change your password at any time.  Just press CTRL + ALT + DEL during a session.  A Windows Security box with a "Change Password" option will open.
Can I have an actual person help me?
 Yes! There is always a Lab Attendant on duty in room 4351. He or she is available to help you with any computer related question you have.
I am an Extension student, can I get an account?
 You may get a temporary BOL Account during the quarter you are enrolled. Click here for more details. Application for SLC accounts are taken in the Help desk (room 4351).


How can I print on both sides of the paper, staple & punch holes?
 In the print window, click on “properties”.  In the Layout window choose: Flip on long side, staple, or hole punch

How to add/change a printer (color or a another room)?
Black & white printer in any given room will show as a room number (i.e. if you are in room 4340  the printer in this room is nameed is 4340).

The Color printer is named "color" and is located in room 4351.

If a printer is not shown on your list of printers, follow this direction:

1. From the 'Start Menu' click on 'control panel' or on 'devices and printers'

2. Click on 'Add Printer'

3. Choose ' Network Printer' and click 'Next'

4. Search for a printer by it's name ('color', 4335, 4336, 4340, 4341, 4345, 4346, 4350, 4351), and click next (a label with the room number is  attached to the monitor or the CPU, the first 4 digits are the room number, for example: 4351-PC-xx)

 Visit our Help Desk in room 4351 if you have any questions or difficulties.

Why printing on both sides of the paper is not half the price of singel side printing?

Page charge is based on the cost of toner, paper, & maintaining the printers.