We offer two type of rooms:

Pod Rooms -

A unique classroom layout organized around a central octagonal casement. This arrangement combines a natural focus on interactive teaching materials with a seating capacity of 2-3 students per station to foster collaborative and self-paced student explorations. We recently modified one pod to allow a better view of a projected image (3rd picture on the right).

Four of the pod rooms are equipped with a projector/Smartboard. The pod-rooms are with 24 computers, and a maximum capacity of 36 students.

Class Rooms -Traditional layout, with desks arranged such that students are able to view a projected image on a white-board.

Two rooms are with - 24 PC Windows computers and a maximum capacity of 24 students.

One room is with - 26 computers, dual boot Windows/Linux, & 3Dcapabilities. This lab serves both undergrad and grad courses, with priority to graduate & to Chemistry & Biochemistry courses.

One room with 32 PC computers, and a maximum capacity of 40 students. Physical Sciences courses are given a first priority in reserving this lab, as long as reservations are made no later than a week before the beginning of a given quarter (no later than Dec 20th for Winter quarter).



Please contact us at least six weeks before the beginning of a quarter break if you would like us to install a Windows software not yet on our computers to be used during the following quarter (for example: early November for a Winter quarter installation). See table below for a list of programs currently installed.

Linux & Python

Please contact Marek Grzeskowiak when you plan your course, we will need at least one quarter to set the system up for you.

marek at

These programs are currently installed on the SLC computers (Windows operating system), please contact us for versions, and additional information:

Windows software SLC.xlsx